Your Reconnection



What is The Reconnection?

Our bodies contain energy points and meridian lines (sometimes called acupuncture lines) which are believed to have originally been connected to the grid lines that encircle our planet. These grid lines intersect at known power spots such as Sedona and Machu Picchu. The lines then continue out and connect to the larger grid that extends out into the Universe. Over time, we have lost our innate connection to this large, powerful grid. The Reconnection is a process to reconnect our own personal gridlines back to matrix of both our planet and the Universe.

What is the benefit?

The Reconnection helps you access the fullness and perfection of the Universe. This makes it a very powerful life shifter for most people. Experiencing your personal Reconnection will take you to the next level or your own life path. It will accelerate your personal evolution, as well as offering healing benefits.

How many sessions and how long?

This amazing process consists of two sessions, given a day or two apart. Each session is about an hour.

What is the fee for this?

There is a standardized global fee (all practitioners charge the same) and that is $333.00 which includes both sessions.

Experience The Reconnection for yourself!

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